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Experience This!

Oct 18, 2022

Learn about the importance of keeping your customers in the loop, the sound of customer silence, and the power of creative storytelling! 

Bite-Sized Delight From the Episode:

Keep Your Customers Informed - Research by Instacart shows that keeping customers aware about inventory and managing their expectations about availability leads to increased order frequency and increased lifetime value of the customer.

Try Being Quiet - Explore the experience created by Amsterdam Schipol Airport and stores in Dublin by considering what it would be like to create a "quiet experience" for your customers.

The Better the Story, the Better the Experience - A playful, edgy story (like laundering in a bank in the Ozarks) creates the kind of intrigue and curiosity that makes customers want to stay at the Bank Haus.

Are You Looking for Things We Referenced?

• “Why You Should Warn Customers When You’re Running Low on Stock" - by Benjamin Knight (Senior Data Scientist at Instacart) and Dmitry Mitrofanov (assistant professor of business analytics at the Carroll School of Management at Boston College) in the Harvard Business Review.

Amsterdam Schipol Airport

• Experience This - Episode 82 - "Pizzability, Usability, and Adaptability!"

Coveo - creating an AI-powered experience to help agents deliver the relevant, personalized interactions customers expect

Touch Stay - Digital Welcome Book 

The Bank Hause - Marthasville, Missouri rental with great story conceived by Tyann Marcink Hammond

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Learn more about the Experience This Show and the hosts: 

Joey Coleman - keynote speaker and author of "Never Lose a Customer Again"

Dan Gingiss - keynote speaker and author of "The Experience Maker"