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Experience This!

Nov 22, 2022

Learn about the rapidly changing digital landscape, an airline that’s trying to make sitting in the middle seat fun, and what makes the Starbucks experience so remarkable. 

Bite-Sized Delight From the Episode:

In Times of Uncertainty, Listen More - With so many massive changes in the digital environment, approach new platforms and technologies with a great deal of curiosity, but a healthy dose of skepticism. When in doubt, double down on the places your customers already frequent. 

Turn Your Worst Offering Into Something Exciting - Virgin Australia's creative lottery system offers prizes to those customers willing to endure the dreaded middle seat. 

Turn the Ordinary Into Extraordinary - Joseph Michelli's experience design classic "The Starbucks Experience" outlines 5 key principles any company can use to make their customer interactions extraordinary. 

Are You Looking for Things We Referenced?

• “Airline Launches Lottery to Entice More Passengers to Sit in the Middle Seat" by Maggie Hiufu Wong at CNN Travel

Coveo - use "swarming" to deliver the best answer (co-created by your top subject matter experts) to customers in realtime 

The Starbucks Experience: 5 Principles for Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary - by Joseph A. Michelli

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