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Experience This!

Dec 24, 2019

Learn why it's important to maintain a standard of excellence, why you may need to fix things about your business that aren't broken, and why a simple math error can cause your customers to lose their trust in you.

Bite-Sized Delight From the Episode:
• Be Careful About Raising the Bar - Explore how maintaining a standard of excellence will set you apart from the competition.
• If It Ain't Broke, It May Need Fixing - Learn why it's important to improve and enhance all aspects of the business, even if they aren't broken.
• Sometimes Math Matters - See how simple math errors can cause your customers to lose trust in you.

Start the Conversation:
Are our security policies or processes negatively impacting our customers?

Are You Looking for Things We Referenced?

Don’t Fix it if it isn’t Broke: 10 Reasons this Phrase is Holding Your CX Back by Becky Roemen from her blog, Tin Cans and String

3 Examples Of Savvy Customers Winning By Simply Doing The Math by Dan Gingiss in Forbes

Experience Conversations

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