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Experience This!

Dec 31, 2019

Discover how profit and customer satisfaction can go hand in hand, how a romance novelist dives into her character development, and how LEGO manages to make lifelong customers.

Bite-Sized Delight From the Episode:
• Customer Satisfaction or Profit? - Learn whether a satisfied customer or turning a profit is more important to measure your success.
• Character Immersion Creates Customer Loyalty - A romance novelist explains how immersing herself in her characters helps her provide a great customer experience.
• LEGOs and Harry Potter - Discover how LEGO made a lifelong customer through an empowered employee and a connection with Harry Potter.

Start the Conversation:
Have we taken steps to truly understand the path our customers take to interact with our brand?

Are You Looking for Things We Referenced?

Which is your CX Priority: Satisfied Customer or Profit? by Mary Drummond

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