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Experience This!

Mar 23, 2021

Learn about getting people to come to court, when the custom clothing experience just doesn't measure up, and a remarkable birthday celebration at a car dealership.

Bite-Sized Delight From the Episode:
Design to Experience Compliance - Redesigning a court summons for a better, clearer user experience allowed scientists to reduce missed court appearances and keep warrants from being issued.
Apologies Must Be Sincere - When a custom suit company failed to deliver for a wedding, the bland email apology didn’t measure up to a positive experience.
Say Yes to Future Customers - When Shimkat Motors heard that a “future” customer loved their new rock wall for displaying cars, they turned a six year old’s birthday into something to talk about!

Are You Looking for Things We Referenced?
•"Behavioral Nudges Reduce Failure to Appear for Court" - by Alissa Fishbane, Aurelie Ouss, and Anuj K. Shah in Science magazine
Solvvy - The Next-Gen Chatbot
Skimkat Motors - Fort Dodge, Iowa

Find a full transcript of the show at: See you next week!