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Experience This!

Nov 2, 2021

Learn about a creative way to make your customers feel better about waiting, an airport experience that doesn't involve a plane, and a great prize for bulking up before winter.

Bite-Sized Delight From the Episode:

Waiting Lists Don’t Need to Be Stagnant - Seth Godin offers a unique suggestion for a “smart line” that allows waiting customers to move up or down the list depending on their personal needs/desires.

Unite Your Friends and Fans Using Social Media - Yaeger Airport’s playful and poignant use of social media helped unite their fans and the public at large to get a lost stuffed animal tiger back to its owner.

Fat Bears Draw Virtual Crowds - A national park in the wilderness of Alaska uses a creative online contest to draw attention and focus to their rarely-seen wildlife.

Are You Looking for Things We Referenced?

Swap the Line - by Seth Godin

Yaeger Airport in Charleston, West Virginia

Searching for the Owner of a Stuffed Animal Tiger Lost at the Airport

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Fat Bear Week at Katmai National Park and Preserve

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Joey Coleman

Dan Gingiss