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Experience This!

Feb 8, 2022

Learn about how NOT to get someone’s attention in a first email, an in-depth review of Net Promoter Score, and when your phone is listening to the people around you.

Bite-Sized Delight From the Episode:

CX Begins BEFORE Someone Becomes a Customer - Any interaction with a prospect (even a cold email outreach) starts to establish the future customer experience. Don't miss the chance to be remarkable and set the right tone for interactions you'll deliver in the future.

Make Sure You Use Net Promoter Score the Right Way - Fred Reichheld's newest book "Winning on Purpose - The Unbeatable Strategy of Loving Customers" shows that when used properly, NPS scores are still a valuable way to enhance your customers' experiences and improve your bottom line.

Listening to Your Customers Can Be Creepy - Using technology to listen to your customers' private conversations and then feed them targeted promotions can easily produce a negative experience.

Are You Looking for Things We Referenced?

Winning on Purpose - The Unbeatable Strategy of Loving Customers - by Fred Reichheld

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