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Experience This!

Mar 15, 2022

Learn about how to make marketing fun, the current state of customer experience, and avoiding the buzzwords that people love to hate.

Bite-Sized Delight From the Episode:

Fun Interactions Creates a Fun Workplace - The more colorful and playful your brand, the more you will attract that type of customer and employee.

Happy Employees Equal Happy Customers - Based on research by GetFeedback, the relationship between employee experience and customer experience should be an infinity symbol - when employees are happy, they better serve customers, thereby making those customers happy. 

Beware Buzzwords - Using meaningless buzzwords leaves employees and customers confused, irritated, and wanting to run away from you and your offerings!

Are You Looking for Things We Referenced?

Verblio - a fun place to work with fun marketing

State of CX Report - by GetFeedback

Conversation Corner with Help Scout

31 Buzzwords That Employees Truly Hate - by Geoffrey James on

9 Business Buzzwords People Hate So Much They Won't Want to Work With You - by Minda Zetlin on

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