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Experience This!

Apr 26, 2022

Learn about when good customers do bad things, the “last mile” in retail, and the “great expectations” of your customers.

Bite-Sized Delight From the Episode:

It Could Always Be Worse - Customer experience professionals often worry about their customer fails and while we should always be trying to improve, it's also okay to laugh from time to time at customers' crazy expectations.

Don't Forget the Last Mile - If you sell products that are delivered to your customers, the experience of delivery to their front door is STILL part of your experience. Make sure you deliver all the way!

What Do Your Customers Really Expect? - Research from Chattermill shows that businesses may be delivering on their own expectations (internal), but most aren't meeting their customers' expectations (external).

Are You Looking for Things We Referenced?

• "43 ‘Customer Crimes’ That Customer-Facing Workers Can’t Stand" by Ross Yoder at BuzzFeed

Making Meetings Better in the Hybrid Workplace - an ebook by our friends and partners at Mitel

• "Great eCXpectations: How to Deliver the CX Your Customers Really Want" - by Chattermill

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