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Experience This!

Dec 14, 2021

Learn about using customer’s personal data to develop new product offerings, taking small actions to have big results, and a way to get everything you need to do accomplished faster and with less stress.

Bite-Sized Delight From the Episode:

Be Careful How You Use Customers’ Data - 23&me walks a fine line with their customer relationships when they use customer DNA data to create new drugs.

Small Enhancements in Customer Data Have a Big Impact - A&S Motorcycles uses small touches (like office tours and responding to every online review) to deepen relationships with both customers and prospects.

To Do Everything Better,Focus on Doing One Thing at a Time - Thatcher Wine’s book “The Twelve Monotasks: Do One Thing at a Time to Do Everything Better” encourages readers to narrow and limit activities and focus in order to counter the loss of productivity and impact that comes from multitasking.

Are You Looking for Things We Referenced?

All Those 23andMe Spit Tests Were Part of a Bigger Plan - by Kristen V Brown in Bloomberg Businessweek

A&S Motorcycles - home to Randy Felice

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The Twelve Monotasks: Do One Thing at a Time to Do Everything Better - by Thatcher Wine

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