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Experience This!

Apr 28, 2020

Learn about a memorable employee onboarding experience, insurance for your pizza, and the cost of poor customer experience.

Bite-Sized Delight From the Episode:
 Investing in Employee Experience with Continuing Education - By investing heavily to create an immersive employee onboarding program at Deloitte University, the company proves their commitment to continuing education for all team members.
• Mitigating Fears with Unexpected (but Appreciated) Insurance - By removing any apprehension for a delivery mishalf, Domino’s Pizza gives customers the confidence to trust delivery of their dinner and put the act of getting food to the dining room table in the hands of a stranger.
• The Cost of Neglecting Customer Experience - While the benefits of good customer experience are clear, there are real financial costs to negative customer experience including loss of sales, reputation, customers, and talented staff.

Are You Looking for Things We Referenced?
How Deloitte's $300 Million Investment In Employee Experience Is Paying Off - by Dan Gingiss in
Deloitte University
Domino's Carry Out Insurance Commercial
The Cost of Neglecting Customer Experience - by Benedict Clark in Acquire

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