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Experience This!

Sep 29, 2020

Learn about admitting mistakes before your customers notice them, building fans by sharing secret recipes, and revisiting the power of customer evangelism.

Bite-Sized Delight From the Episode:
Acknowledge Mistakes Before Customers Notice To Build Lifelong Loyalty - By reprinting a misprinted cover before Juniper Books’ customers noticed a mistake, they garnered goodwill and affirmed their commitment to a remarkable product experience.
Embrace Employee Creativity and Enthusiasm - Normally experts at designing customer experiences, Chik-fil-a missed the opportunity to harness their employee’s talent when she made a “secret menu hacks” Tik Tok video and instead fired her - leading to even more undesired publicity.
Build a Cult of Customers - Shep Hyken’s book Cult of the Customer outlines a process for creating a corporate culture that is so focused on taking care of and tending to employees and customers, that the culture itself creates evangelists

Are You Looking for Things We Referenced?
• Juniper Books (
Tik Tok - Chik-fil-a Menu Hacks
Experience Points - presented by Avtex
The Cult of the Customer - by Shep Hyken

Find more links and a full transcript of the show at: See you next week!