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Experience This!

May 4, 2021

Learn about offering new products to your raving customers, speaking words of encouragement when you aren’t in the room, and making the big leap to do it on your own.

Bite-Sized Delight From the Episode:
If Your Fans Love You, They Will Buy Your Next Product - Fostering a strong connection with existing customers (like Pela does) is the best way to get customers for your next new product.
Untimed Experiences Create Memorable Moments - a message on a bathroom mirror at Children’s National Hospital creates a memorable interaction at just the right moment in the brand experience.
The Self-Employed Experience - Jeffrey Shaw’s brand new book "The Self-Employed Life" offers a playbook for managing the business’ owners experience with personal development, business strategies, and daily habits.

Are You Looking for Things We Referenced?
Lomi - Turn Waste To Compost with a Single Button
Children’s National Hospital
Solvvy - The Next-Gen Chatbot
The Self-Employed Life: Business and Personal Development Strategies That Create Sustainable Success - by Jeffrey Shaw

Find a full transcript of the show at: See you next week!